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Discover 30 Instagram Post Ideas that Will Boost Your Account


Your Instagram posts represent the main element in the profile’s content creation process. The potential customer or interested parts that are searching for collaborations, will assess the attractiveness of your account according to: the used themes, subjects and information you deliver through your posts.

We prepared some tips that will facilitate your Instagram activity:

  • Publish no more than 2 posts a day
  • The perfect time for posts is 9:00am, 12:00pm, 7:00pm, 9:00pm. Always try to vary the hours meant for posting
  • Cover your potential customers objections and possible questions. Act accordingly to the elaborated strategy that was drawn up in advance
  • Vary types and themes that are used for posts
  • Use good quality photos. Preferably photos with satisfied customers that are using your product

Each user runs its Instagram profile individually and has its own style. Everyone selects specific topics for posting and creates content that would be interesting to his target audience. The post ideas below are a boost to your inspiration. You can easily adapt them to the theme of your Insta profile and create really interesting posts for your followers. For boosting your Instagram engagement rates, you can purchase real Instagram likes, cheap Instagram followers, instant Instagram views and comments from reliable sources.

Discover 30 Instagram Post Ideas that Will Boost Your Account 2

Where to get relevant ideas for Instagram posts?

Life. In the book “Flexible Mind”, the most famous neuroscientist Estanislao Bachrach describes how ideas are born. He says that each of us has an intelligent memory. Imagine there are many boxes in the brain that hold memories. When we are relaxed these boxes open, moments of the past are intricately intertwined and ideas are born. Think back to yourself: some people have ideas when brushing their teeth, some during a run or before going to bed.

Competitors. Go through the profiles of competitors and create a useful  investigation. Try to identify two things: what they are writing about and what they respond to the followers’ comments. Please do not try to copy the themes and texts of competitors, but use your competitors’ activity as an inspiration and method of finding new and useful information which will fill some gaps. 
Even though a lot of Instagram users sub-estimate Insta comments below posts, we would like to inform you that real Instagram comments are a treasure trove of ideas for posts. Your target audience asks questions, shares concerns, and gives feedback. Get in the habit of going through competitor profiles at least once a month.

Conversations with clients. If you have a stream of customers, then start to be interested in them not only during the payment for the product. Ask them what worries them, why they chose you. Write down the questions they ask.

Post Ideas to Boost Your Instagram Account

1.Instruction for your product. In the modern world, information is supplied in a rapid flow, technologies are developing, new products appear every day. People need a simple and straightforward explanation. Instructions can be given in various forms.

  • Explanation. Explain a situation and tell how to find a way out of it. Share a detailed explanation with your subscribers. Tell a story, give some tips on how to avoid such situations and explain step by step what and how you did.
  • DIY. This is a special type of post that shows how and what to do. For example, how to beautifully cut vegetables or make sure that your shoes do not chafe, or make a cake without baking by using your product. The topic of such a post or video can be anything. Just pick something that matches your profile.

2. Analysis. Analyse a situation, tell your subscribers what success you have achieved over the last week, how much the popularity of the product has increased and why. The analysis can be of several types.

  • Reviewed with a rating. If you recently used any new interesting product or service, please share your impressions with subscribers. Tell us about the advantages and disadvantages, rate the product.
  • Quote analysis. Share the quote with your followers and rate it. Tell us exactly what you think about this and do not forget to ask your subscribers’ opinions.

3. List. Share your personal TOP list with your readers. For example, “TOP 10 Books Everyone Should Read”, “Best Motivational Films” and so on. The topics of posts should be selected taking into account the accounts’ theme. For example, for company pages, the post-listing might be about the qualities of employees that are valued in the company.

Discover 30 Instagram Post Ideas that Will Boost Your Account 3

4.Statistics. As soon as you find an interesting statistics study, share the information and interesting facts with subscribers. It will raise interest among your Instagram followers and will create a trustworthy social image.
A useful tip: keep in mind that such serious posts are best avoided on Monday or weekend.

5.Checklist. A simple checklist will help you with any kind of job. A post in this style may contain information about the must-have things to take with you on the trip, or a list of must-do in a certain situation.

6. A series of posts. If you have a long story or topic that you want to cover in detail, then break it down into several parts and start a specific series of posts. It is important that posts in the same series are published at approximately the same time and at regular intervals.

7. Simple photo. This is a good solution for those who have a lot of textual information in their profile that requires careful attention. Take a simple photo like a cup of your favorite coffee, sand, sky or any other texture and set up your post. They even have their own hashtag #photosinbetween.

Discover 30 Instagram Post Ideas that Will Boost Your Account 4

Instagram Stories

8. Stories from life. Instagram is still a social network where you can share personal stories. It will connect you more with your auditory.

9. Motivation post. Share a story that motivates you and try to encourage your followers to start changing their lives in a good way.

10. Inspiration. What are you inspired by? Share your portion of inspiration with your readers.


11. News from life. Many people use Instagram not only for beautiful photos, but also to stay updated on the latest events. News is one of the main parts of all content in any social network.

12. Announcement. Share some future plans with your followers. Maybe you have a good sale on your products or you are going on a trip.

13. World news. From time to time, share with your subscribers the key news that excites you, express your opinion about them and ask your Instagram followers to share their thoughts on this matter.

14. Local news. Share interesting news from the life of your city or country with your Instagram subscribers. It can be both funny or serious, related to politics and economics.

15. Personal news. Did you get a career promotion? Have you got a new interesting collaboration? Share your joy with your Insta followers.

16. Your business news. Get your IG followers interested in a new product release or any other upcoming updates.

17. Newsjacking. This is a special type of content based on drawing attention to a product or brand using popular news feeds.

Useful posts

18. Educational.

19. Life hacks. Do you know how to make life easier for your Instagram followers? Feel free to write about it in your profile.

20. Desired lists. Make a list of things, books, tools, and other resources that are useful to your target audience.

21. Post-research. Doing your own product research from your niche is one of the best solutions for a useful post.

22. Instagram Post “problem-solution”. Share valuable information on what methods have you used in order to face a problem. It is interesting.

23. SAQ-post. This is a checklist of questions, like FAQs, that people tend to be shy, overlooked, or forget to ask, but everyone needs to know the answers.

24. FAQ post. And this is a list of questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

25. Post-definition. Sometimes this is just a necessary informational post. Share with your readers any new product, service, or definition of a word everyone should know.

Discover 30 Instagram Post Ideas that Will Boost Your Account 5

26. Teaching beginners. Create a publication or even launch a series of tutorials for beginners.

27. Share your workflow. Tell us how and what you are working on. Upload a screenshot of your desktop or take a picture of your workflow.

28. Smart shopping. Do you know how to buy something cheaper? Tell your subscribers. Everyone loves saving.

29. Share tips. Share your personal experience with your readers.

30. Start a discussion. Discuss an important topic of concern with your followers.

Find more Instagram tips that will boost your Instagram business or personal account on our blog 😉

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