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How to make popular your Instagram in 2019


Instagram is amazing to us, and perhaps is the best entertaining platform to connect to your loved ones, sharing pictures and funny videos instantly.

But to get the most value out of this platform certain tricks and practices must be applied to get you to the top of the food chain. However, growing an Instagram page is never easy these days as it was few years back.

You must be kidding if you expect a platform that contains more than 1,000,000,000 profiles, ultra-smart algorithm and huge collection of creative brand to be a less competitive place when it comes to growing your account and boosting your followers.

For your brand to be prominent and have the followers you want, you must work smarter and harder.

In this article, we have come up with the best ways to make popular your Instagram in 2019:

Why do you want to make popular your Instagram?

How to make popular your Instagram in 2019 2

This is a great question that every Insta-brand must answer, what do you want to be popular for?

Is it for the fact that people turn to you when they are bored, is it because you have a great taste for luxury cars and people turn to you for model inspiration? Or are you a professional in your area of study and people seek help from you to become better at your field.

All of these consequences offer value to their audience. So, to be popular and build a trustworthy go-to brand, you must give value to your audience. Valuable contents keep your audience glued to your page. So, do well to give them what they want and watch your account grow like wild-fire.

Create an amazing bio

Who you are? What you do? Is the first thing your audience will like to know about you. First, you must make sure that your Instagram bio is amazingly spelt out. By amazing I mean it must answer the question of who you are, and what you do and make a clear call to action.

The success and popularity of your Instagram solely depends on whether your audience are interested in what you are offering or not, and telling them this with a few words is the key. 

Discover your talent?

How to make popular your Instagram in 2019 3

The first step towards growing your account is to discover what your talent or passion is? If you build your Instagram around something you have talent for and passionate about you will surely have an outstanding jump.

There are tons of ways to make yourself interesting.

If you have a desire to pursue a career in dancing and you are not a great dancer, it’s not a bad thing. You can still shine in the fuss.

For instance, you can take advantage of your lack of talent and jokes about it. If you are honest with yourself, people will like you and follow you.

Build your first 100 to 1,000 followers

Getting your first 100 to 1000 followers is very crucial. It determines how far you can go. Be sure to make everybody a part of this journey. 

We are all anxious and tense at a start. But, once you have the talent and you are passionate about it, you will please the people that like you and you will do well.

Those first followers are the key, exercise your practices and start getting a beat of how you want to run your activities.

Build your own hashtag to become popular

What gives your account a professional outlook is the hashtag you create. When you have trending hashtags, it doesn’t just make you creative but it also makes the movement you are creating very interesting.

One thing that all brands and big accounts have in common is their personal hashtags, which is unique and exclusively used by them and their followers. This way, they build a community of promised audience around a specific topic.

Your hashtag could be anything from your accounts name, name of your movement, product, and services to a combination of words, which best describe your niche.

Buy likes and followers on Instagram

Buying likes and followers on Instagram is just like faking your resume. You will surely get noticed, but you’ll hardly meet the end goal.

The key to attracting potential followers are high followers count and the media count. It’s socially proofed that people prefer to follow accounts that are popular ten times the unpopular account. 

But real engagement is the key if your target is not just passive fans but super-engaged fans.

You don’t have to buy Instagram likes or followers if your account is already growing. Only do that when you need to boost up your first impression. Even so, do it in a honest way using an trustworthy service.

Becoming more popular

How to make popular your Instagram in 2019 4
Group of young friends having fun time at music festival

Becoming more popular means getting more likes, and to get more likes on Instagram you must share the right contents at the right time. Share valuable contents at the time when people are looking at their phones, meaning you must avoid working hours, and post in the mornings, and evenings. Additionally, include captions, pictures need to have context, and captions give you the opportunity to add a little fun to your post, and give impressions to the audience while reading.

Remember, there are new users that like your pictures when you use hashtags. Reach out to these people and connect with them. Comment and like in their pictures in return. This way you can easily make your Instagram popular.


One of the best ways to gain new followers on Instagram is through shout-outs. Although this isn’t very effective especially when the account is small, but it gives an outstanding result when you have 5k plus followers. This can be done by tagging other users account, mentioning them in a post, posting the screenshot of their account profile or sharing a story that concerns both parties.

There are two ways to this, either you buy shout-outs or exchange shout-outs. Paid shout-out is where you will pay a user, and in return they will do a shout-out for you.  Shout-out 4 shout-out (S4S) is basically exchanging shout-outs with accounts that are similar in niche and size.

Engage with your audience

How to make popular your Instagram in 2019 5
Schoolgirl taking selfie with smartphone sitting cross-legged on window sill in her room

Probably, one of the best things you should be focusing on at the moment. Interact with your followers the best way you can, send them personal messages and introduces yourself. To make it easier you can even add up quick replies, use something simple like; hi (your name)! Thanks for following me. How are you doing?

The next thing is to make sure you respond to all your comments and make time out of your busy schedules to reach out to your followers. Comment and like their posts.

The more you interact with your audience, the more Instagram will push your content to their feeds. If the contents are valuable, your audience will like and comment. This way, you will build a strong engagement, and Instagram will start to promote your contents in post section as well as explore feeds.


You are probably thinking of switching your account in to a business account. It’s a good strategy as business account gives you the opportunity to run promotions on Instagram.

Ads are becoming more relevant than ever. Concerning revenue and stock price, the platform is surely short of investors’ expectations. To increase stakeholder’s confidence and ability we will soon be seeing features like Ads programs on Instagram in 2019.

So, to get the most value out of this platform I recommend you create a business account for yourself.


Instagram is an amazing platform to interact with your audience and become popular and by the look of things, it is one of the most trending platforms in 2019.

However, the level of your success on this platform depends on the valuable content you share and the time invested in interacting with your followers and reaching out to the new followers and business partners.

It might be arduous at first, but once you reach the first 1 000 followers it becomes more exciting, and your growth increases.

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