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Instagram beauty trends 2019


Fashion and Beauty is one of the most developed industries in Instagram. This blog post is mostly for girls and women who are following the Instagram beauty trends, or are beginners in Instagram beauty blogging.

Instagram beauty bloggers became the fulcrum for young girls who seek style inspiration for obvious reasons. But more and more, we have started turning to them not only for fashion and beauty tips, but also for things like how to style our hair, how to decorate our apartments and homes, and now we are adding one more reason to scroll through the feeds of our favorite fashion influencers: how to do our makeup.

Beauty is a very subjective matter, and each person percepts it through personal prism. It has evolved together with the civilization, and every era was characterized by certain beauty trends. Some time ago, the they were reaching one or another part of the word very slowly. Due to the globalization process, it is much easier to follow them, and be up to date.

Instagram beauty trends 2019 2

This is why, it is easy to observe that the trends in each field are changing very fast, but the beauty trends deserve a special place in our blog, as it mostly relates to the beautiful part of humanity. In this post we will overview the beauty trends of the current 2019 year, and namely the Instagram beauty trends, as Instagram truly became a separate world, with its directions and tendencies.

Here are the main Instagram beauty trends of 2019


You hardly need to be on the level of a makeup artist to nail this look. Simply smudge a bright shade of your choosing all over your lids and keep the rest of your face neutral to let your lids have a moment. Bonus points if your eye shadow matches your outfit.

Instagram beauty trends 2019 3


You might have a black cat eye down pat, but try replacing your black liner with an unexpected shade like white or blue to take your nighttime look to another level.

Instagram beauty trends 2019 4


Down-to-earth brows are a bubbling beauty trend for 2019. Defined by fluffy, messy-looking brow hairs, this look is easily accomplished in a few steps involving a brow brush and some gel for hold.

Instagram beauty trends 2019 5


There’s no question that red lips are a classic beauty look, so to make the timeless look feel a bit more fresh, fashion girls are opting for deeper shades like earthy, warm-toned red and reds that skew a little bit brown.

Instagram beauty trends 2019 6


Dense makeup foundations will be replaced with semi-transparent ones. It will require good and healthy skin, so not decorative skincare cosmetics will get more recognition. To make your eyes pop, you can use a concealer that is 3 shades darker than your skin and apply it to eyelids instead of eyeshadow.

Instagram beauty trends 2019 7

Instead of “chiseling” out those cheekbones and defining your jawline with powder, this more natural trend focuses on “a light airy look” that is both “refreshing and feminine.” Contouring was fun, sure, but, we can probably all agree that it’s time to embrace something new — preferably something that requires fewer brushes and a lot less time.

‘If it moves you emotionally, then wear it. I don’t want to tear a girl away from her favorite eyeliner just because of a trend. That said, if you’ve been doing your make-up everyday for twenty years it can get mundane, so instead of trends, I want you to re-energise your relationship with make-up.’

Sir John

It is very easy to get lost in the dynamic movement of trends, and loose yourself. As the famous makeup artist, Sir John, said, better keep you inner Self, and maybe You will be the icon of the next trend, but we at InstaShop are eager to support you at this point!

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